Railroading Heritage of Midwest America (RRHMA) is excited to announce the Double Matching Grant. This unique fundraising opportunity augments all donations to RRHMA’s Steam Restoration Fund by adding $2 for every dollar donated, through generous matching funds provided by two longtime donors. These doubled matches will ensure the speedy restoration of both Union Pacific “Challenger” 3985 as well as UP 5511, a historically significant locomotive in its own right, thanks to its three-valve drive gear.

With each grant matching up to $500,000, a potential $1.5 Million could be raised with this program, offsetting nearly a quarter of the expected $7 Million total restoration of these two iconic locomotives. Steam locomotive 3985, which last ran in 2010, was officially retired from service in 2020. 5511 has been out of service for nearly five decades, though is an excellent restoration candidate thanks to its constant indoor storage and protection from the elements while in Cheyenne. 5511 is also one of the best remaining examples of a steam locomotive with the innovative Young valve gear.

With your donation, we can bring the Challenger 3985 and the 5511 back to service. Every dollar donated up to $500,000 will be matched by these two generous grants. Donate today at https://rrhma.com/double_match/