Formally incorporated as Railroading Heritage of Midwest America, is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization.

Our mission is to promote public understanding of the great history of railroading in the Midwest. We preserve, restore, operate, and interpret historic locomotives and railcars. We make history come to life!

​Not only is it exciting to watch and ride our excursions, but it is fun to participate in our educational programs and to learn how railroads were – and are today – important to your Nation and your City.

Supporting RRHMA-Silvis may be done in a couple ways, you may become a member and receive exclusive member benefits such as period newsletters and email updates, advance notifications of events and excursions, exclusive volunteering opportunities and more.



Emailed to all members on a bi-annual basis. This informative newsletter lets members know about upcoming trips, new products, activities, and events.


Receive advance mailings, informing you of excursion trips and periodic discounts on tickets before the general public.


Receive exclusive rights to lend a hand when it comes to helping keep railroading history alive! Whether its wrenching on the engines, fixing seats in one of our many coaches, or helping keep the shops ready for showings, volunteers are always in need.​

You may also donate to RRHMA, we always have many projects going on at once around the facility, your donation will help reach these goals and keep railroading history alive.

​RRHMA is superheating its fundraising efforts to restore two iconic Union Pacific steam locomotives. Thousands of UP Steam fans have wished to one day see 3985 run on the mainline again, and today that dream can be a reality- but only with your help. Today, we’re excited to announce a massive boost to our fundraising through the implementation of a 3-for-1 grant match, thanks to a pair of generous donors.

What does this mean to you, exactly? It means that every dollar you donate to RRHMA’s steam program, it immediately turns into $3.00 to ensure the future of rail preservation at our new facility in Silvis

You may choose what you’d like your donation to support:

Locomotive Fund – these funds will go to rebuilding and repairing RRHMA locomotives like #3985, #5511 and #6936.

Passenger car Fund – these funds will be used towards restoration and repairs on RRHMA’s fleet of equipment. This would include things like new windows, paint jobs, new generators and more.

Building maintenance – RRHMA-Silvis is a massive century old building with a lot of up keep. These funds will go towards new windows, doors, track maintenance, and more.