July 2024 Update

It has been a couple months overdue but things at RRHMA-Silvis have been rapidly making way on many projects. #537 has been sandblasted, with a lot of body repairs being done. A new battery box is being installed after years of corosive battery acid on the original. The interior and engine compartment are being ready for paint as well. For #5511 a new steam dome lid has been fabricated by Strasberg Railroad, and has been test fitted for future installation. 

Over 2,000 ties and tons of rock have been replace under the 11 miles of track at RRHMA-Silvis, making the track ready for future operations. Crews are also removing the old concrete foundation in preperation for track zero. Track zero will be a new track leading into the building in the south east corner. RRHMA-Silvis has contracted with Bi-State Masonry to open up the side of the main building for track zero. They are enlarging, stabilizing, and rebricking for the new enlarged overhead door. During the process crews found an old Rock Island shop rag on top of pipes that were removed for the new door.

City of Selina had recieved some fire damage to one of its sides when out west, crews have repaired the windows and repaited this side as well. All the ACF coaches paint had fade from years out in the western sun, crews have buffed these cars to a shinny new gloss with new lettering to come. Volunteers have also started cleaning out the 1960 dinner #5016. 

On #3985, a new front tube sheet has been flanged, a new rear firebox knuckle has also been flanged. A new cab floor is being mde by Crawford Company, rivets for front tube sheet have arrived. Staybolt material is being cut and shipped out to make flexible bolts, boiler ultrasound testing is being done. #3985s cab walls have been removed for replacement and new combustion chamber ring has been made for the new rear tube sheet.