October 2023 Update

Over the last month, volunteer crews have been busy working away at many things at RRHMA-Silvis, here are just a few of the highlights.

Crews have moved  Big Boy #4014’s tender from the west end of the building, over to the drop pit on the east end of the building. #4014’s tender was prepped for wheel removal and had 6 of its wheel sets removed. Crews are also in the process of prepping the rest of the tender for media blasting.

Patches for #3985’s boiler are being drawn out and fabricated in preparation for install. #3985’s air tanks are getting a thorough scrub down in preparation for media blasting.

#3985 itself is also getting to enjoy the cool fall breezes as it moves outside and is prepped for media blasting. The interior of #3985’s boiler will be media blasted for cleaning and easier inspection of the boiler.

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RRHMA – Silvis is looking to bring #537 back into its former warbonnet silver and red colors. Estimated at $80,000.00, RRHMA is looking to raise funds to repaint #537.


Help bring #537 back to its former glory!