March 2023 Update

Many things are happening all at once at RRHMA Silvis. Along with the help of NRE, the DD40 Centennial #6936 had a thorough inspection. Many of the items looked at in an inspection are Top deck, this is were cylinder heads, mechanical fuel injectors & linkage, valvetrain, cooling water and fuel piping are inspected. Inspections also cover the crankshaft and crankshaft main bearing, any defects have been noted and are in the process of getting ready for repairs.

#5511 dome cover has been removed, as well as the super heaters, which have been carefully stacked and tagged for safe storage while work continues on the rest of the #5511.

On the #3985, the fire pan and all brackets attached to the boiler being removed as well as other items in preperation for the boiler to be sandblasted inside and outside. Crews are also working on removing the rear engine exhaust pipe, other piping in preparation for rolling out the front engine unit.

In the passenger car area, former Southern Pacific business car, Stanford, has been spending sometime in the sandblast both in preperation for any nessecary body work and a fresh coat of paint.

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