April 2023 Update

Here are a few of the many things that have been happening in the past month at Railroading Heritage of Midwest America Silvis:

 Union Pacific 2-10-2 No. 5511 has had its boiler flue tubes removed. Over the upcoming months its boiler will be cleaned and prepped for inspection and plans will be made for future repairs.

In the passenger car area, former Southern Pacific business car Stanford has been spending some time in the sandblast both in preparation for any necessary body work and a fresh coat of paint. With many miles and years on the Stanford, crew members are taking extra time to smooth out the body and make any repairs needed.

Outside in the yard, T N Track is working on repairs to track No. 2 from the far west end of the yard lead all the way back to the middle of there yard, where it then branches off to tie into track No. 10, which is also house track No. 2. All this work is in preparation to insure moving the historic equipment around Silvis is as safe as possible.

Loram, a long time supporter of RRHMA and The Friends of the 261, is now a tenant at RRHMA Silvis. Loram is a railroad maintenance equipment and services provider that provides track maintenance services to freight, passenger, and transit railroads worldwide, as well as sells and leases equipment which performs these functions.

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