Locomotive #6936 – DD40X

Built in 1971 by EMD, #6936 is a mammouth locomotive at 98 feet long, it’s a DDA40X  type, consisting of 2 – 3,300 hp engines. #6936 was buitl exclusively for the Union Pacific Railroad as the most powerful diesel-electric locomotive model ever built on a single frame. Nicknamed “Centenial,” to commerate the 100th anniversiray of the Transcontinental railroad, #6936 is the last operational DDA40X.

In April 2022, Union Pacific officials announced that the company would donate the locomotive to RRHMA, which plans to restore it to operating condition. Read the complete article on the Union Pacific donation of #6936 here.

Builder: EMD
Model: DD40X
AAR Arrangement: D-D
Length: 98ft 5in
Width: 10ft 4in
Weight: 545,000 Lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 8,280 Gal
Engine: 2 x EMD645E3 Prime Movers