February 2024 Update

Even with the crews taking time for family and friends over the holiday months, things have been moving along steadily at RRHMA-Silvis.

4014’s tender has been sandblasted and has a light coat of primer to preserve the metal while it’s moved back into the shop for further work. Inspection and removal of all the wheel sets, this includes bearing work, as well as prepping for its conversion to an oil tender.

5511’s stack pipes, branch pipes, and superheater header have been removed. The dry pipe has also been removed for replacement.

Over on the 3985, all the metal on the boiler has been test to confirm what exact material type it is. With this we will be able to follow proper steps during any future repairs. The stacks have been removed, as well as the rear tube sheet.

New parts from Strasburg Railroad and Steam Services of America arrived for new superheater units to be built. Another ultrasound test on the boiler for 3985 has been completed for FRA requirements.

Out in the yard, all the old ties from 2023’s track work have been ground up for proper disposal. This will make way for more ties to be replaced in the coming year.

In the sandblast booth, there are dedicated scissor lift carts for crews to use while sandblasting. These carts are an essential part of the process and were in dire need of repairs. Crews are in the process of rebuilding these scissor lifts to make Sandblasting more efficient. Crews have also been busy at performing a complete rebuild on a McGabe Flanger. This machine is used for bending the flange on flue sheets and once rebuilt, will be used on the flue sheet for the 3985.

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